Increasing Amp hours on Solar set up

Has anyone added batteries to the Rich Solar set up to increase Amp hours? Trying to install 2 more to bring the total to 400 but want to make sure it’s right.

I don’t have mine yet but I have plenty of experience with off grid electrical. Are you just trying to expand the factory onboard batteries?

Yes, you have 2 12v 100ah bats. I have 2 from our previous GD and want to combine them.

@Sgh71 your coach has the Renogy 100ah batteries? If so you can just add more even at different age battery. The key you can mix and match in parallel; put them in series and will cause problems (but why do that unless you are switch out from 12v).

For the cost of a pair of the Renogy 100ah batteries you can upgrade to larger better 12v’s for less depending on your route:

You could move up to a pair of the 300ah lithiums which were ~$750 with discounts around the holidays:

If you went server rack style a 400ah EG4 would good to replace all the 12v’s with for ~$1000. The EG4’s cell are rated to 80% DoD for 7000 cycles at 80%. However with a single EG4 your max discharge is 200A and they are not heated though you could add a pad or may not need it depending on how you use your coach.

Then the SOK’s are really good batteries with identical cells to the EG4’s. If you get a heated 12v battery like this one it may be better. Plus they have bluetooth to monitor each battery’s BMS individually.