Is Brinkley in talks with Winnebago

Let me preface this but saying this falls HEAVILY in the rumor category.
This was mentioned on the Enjoy.The.Journey.Life YouTube channel while he was interviewing Pete who runs the Grand Design RV Major Issues Facebook group. They made an offhand remark that the Honey Badger RV channel mentioned this.

Okay, those disclaimers out of the way…

Apparently HBRV mentioned that there is a rumor that Winnebago is in preliminary talks to purchase Brinkley. Obviously, no one a Brinkley will confirm or deny this rumor and I wouldn’t expect them to. I will say that, if Winnebago ever were to purchase Brinkley, it would weigh heavily on my purchase decisions.

I want to dismiss this rumor out of hand but I know some of the upper echelon of Brinkley came from Grand Design. Makes me wonder if they just build companies so they can sell them. That’s fine. But I don’t really like the buyers.

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Same as me, if Winnebago buy Brinkley, I will never more buy a Brinkley unit. Winnebago destroyed the Grand Design quality, I know what I’m talking, I have a Solitude 2022 right now (waiting for my Z3100 that supposed to get out of the factory next saturday april 20th) and this is a real nightmare.


Brinkley ownership addressed this a week or so ago in a video.

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Well keep me in stitches , what did they say about it?

Do you have a link? Was it YouTube? I’d like to see that video. Might make me feel better.

I don’t recall if it was on a FB group or on youtube. If I remember correctly it was Micah Stanley in the video who has also posted in one of the FB groups that the rumor is unfounded.

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Hi svanarts - I’m Nate Goldenberg, one of the owners of Brinkley. We are 100% not selling the company. We are building it to keep for many years. These rumors are being started mostly by Forest River and other competitors to create customer doubt. Sadly, they stoop to this level. Please don’t believe them as there’s no truth to it. Thanks for the post. The sooner we can get this squashed, the better. Take care!


Hello Nate,
Thank you for taking the time to respond on this forum. I remember pinning my hopes on Grand Design whose owners said similar things. I was completely on board to buy a Solitude when the time came. Now, I’m glad I didn’t. I feel like the product at Grand Design wasn’t a well built RV, the product was a thriving RV manufacturer. The product was purchased by Winnebago. I don’t want to own a Winnebago. I don’t want to own a Thor product.

Now I’m pinning my hopes on a Brinkley Z model. We are purchasing in about 2 years. I sincerely hope your product is a well built, top notch RV. I see a few Grand Design alumni on your team and am wondering if the same thing isn’t going to happen again. I’m giving Brinkley the benefit of the doubt for now and fully planning on buying a Brinkley coach.

Thanks again for the responses.

  • Scott Van Artsdalen
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Sounds good Scott. We won’t let you down!


Thank goodness.

Maybe Brinkly can buy Winnebago and make them a better company, then target thor!

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After reading your post and the response from Nate at Brinkley. First I’m reassured as a new Z3100 owners ourselves my wife and I are three weeks away from hitting the road with ours and becoming full time RVers. When we purchased ours in January we were at the Tampa RV show and were able to compare all the different brands and models we were interested in, Durango, Grand Design, and three others. The Brinkley, no matter the model were head and shoulders above all others. Quality and workmanship is top notch. Prior to picking our unit up in March we did the factory tour in Indiana and if there was any doubt whatsoever it was gone after the tour. They take you from bare frame without wheels to the finished product and again to say we were impressed was an understatement. So I would say Brinkley has the formula and as long as they stay Brinkley as Nate has indicated you will not be disappointed.
Tommy and Wendy Webb.

Thanks for your perspective T and W. I don’t doubt the quality at all. I’ve looked at many RV’s over the past 12 years that I’ve been dreaming of going full time. But I can remember having my heart set on Grand Design years ago. Their build quality and customer service were top notch. They built up a huge and loyal customer base based in no small part on their “do the right thing” motto. They built quality coaches and went above and beyond with customer support. I’m seeing and hearing the same things about Brinkley. That all being said, I now feel that the REAL product that Grand Design was manufacturing was an RV company with a large, loyal customer base. This is the product they sold to Winnebago and ultimately Thor.

I really want to believe that Brinkley will not be a repeat of Grand Design. There are GD ex-patriots working at Brinkley. I really do NOT want to believe they are just using a winning formula to build a top notch RV manufacturing company for the purposes of selling it and the customer base at some point later.

As stated above, I am giving Brinkley the benefit of the doubt at this time.

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