Is the luxury travel trailer market "upgrading" to 3/4 ton+ towable?

I am wondering with the new line in 2025 from Jayco Eagle, MPG and now Brinkley are we seeing a shift to 3/4 ton as a minimum viable towing vehicle for “luxury” TT?

Defiantly are getting heavier all the time but as an industry we complained the trailer are cheap and not well built. The manufactures add the features we keep asking for and the units are getting heavier.

The industry has changed so dramatically in size in the past 15-20 years.

We can only hope they go to a 3/4 ton!
I will say my last TT was a “Hyper-Lite”, and the swore I would never buy any type of lite trailer after that.
When it was new truck time I thought we might go to a 5th wheel at some point so I went with a 350 with 4204lbs of payload so I would not have to worry about weight.
We bought a Z3100, it weights more than a lot of 5vers its size, and that makes me happy.