JT Strong Arm stabilizer installation issues

Has anyone here done a DIY install of the JT Strong Arm stabilizers on their 3100?
If you do you will need to order 6 lugs from Lippert. I’m in the process and am stuck in two areas: The instructions say to measure out on the I-Beam 30" to install the footpads on the frame but 30" puts you onto either the gas lines or the under frame LED light strings. My work around was to shorten the distance to about 27" and hoping that doesn’t put too much upward pressure on the frame. The other problem is installing the rear stabilizers which calls for finding a crossmember and drilling your holes about 30" out from the jack leg. The problem is there are no visible crossmembers and the only one close enough (actually they all are) to be useful is covered with the insulation/covering that covers the entire bottom of the frame which will make bolting on the plate for the extension arm impossible without either removing or cutting a big hole into said insulation/covering. I’m thinking maybe using very short screws instead of the bolts with nuts and washer but this will require either tapping screws or using a tap set to tap the steel frame to accept a threaded bolt.

I installed JT Strong Arms long ago on our first Reflection. I never did install the rears for the same reason you describe. I found the fronts combined with the X-chocks were more than good to stop the movement. I have seen guys use angle iron to span the I beams for the rears, as well as just go straight back along the I Beam instead towards the middle.
I’ve had two 5ers with hydraulic jacks (Momentum & G3500) since then and find the hydraulic jacks are very stable compared to electrics and very little coach movement. I do use X-Chocks still, but have no need for JT Strongarms with the hydraulics.
BTW - always, always, always (did I say always) remember to unscrew the T-Screws in the JT Strongarms when lowering or raising the jacks. I ended up taping a yellow sticky note next to my jack controller as a reminder.

Thanks Brother. I think 'll just install the front arms and see if that is enough. Otherwise I may go with one of morryder cross brace systems or a DIY