Just bought a 3100!

Just bought a 2024 3100. It is a beautiful fifth wheel. Coming from a Whitehawk travel trailer that we had for 8 years and had a really good experience. Getting a goosebox installed to pull with our F350. So impressed with the build quality.

@Hazman65 congratulations!

Post some pics of the new rig!

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Here are some pics at the pdi. Not too much to see!

Welcome to the family :fireworks:

Congrats on your 3100.
How was the PDI experience?
Any major findings?
Anything you wished you had reviewed during that PDI now that you have had the unit for a little while?
Reese Goosebox or GenY?

We are going with the Reese Goosebox although I like the GenY too. The PDI went very well spent a couple hours going through the unit. They brought it inside and had it warmed up and de winterized with water in the holding tank. Very well built! Didn’t note any issues with trim or anything not working.

Glad to hear it went well.
I, too, have the Reese Goosebox, Gen 2 (with the air valve on the side).
I’m looking to reverse the chain hookup (connect chains to the bed hooks, then lay them on the truck bed. Then easily connect them to the Goosebox from the tailgate) as this is the only time I really need to get in the bed.
How is the “level-ness” when hooked up? What hole set did you use at the pin box?

We are having the dealer install it on March 23rd. Our trade in is in winter storage and we can’t get it out until then. We are storing the Brinkley on the dealers lot until we can pick it up. I have a short bed, 6.75 feet, so the Goosebox should help.

I have a short bed Ram 3500. Interested in reading about your towing experience. I know people say “But you won’t be able to turn 90 degrees!”

I’m trying to think of a time I’ve ever had to turn 90 degrees with our current travel trailer… Oh yeah. It’s impossible and yet, I’ve been able to back in and do U-turns whenever I’ve needed to. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a ram 3500 with rambox (I installed the hitch by myself) and I use a reese side winder 20k king pin. It allows me for 90 degree turn and clear the rambox at the same time.

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I have a GMC short bed and I can do a 90 degree turn with the GenY gooseneck pin box. I have the factory puck system.

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New owners as well, as of Thursday last week.

@WillieT CONGRATS – don’t bury yourself, start a new thread with your pics of your rig. We always love to see what decorating folks do as well!

Just picked ours up on Friday. Had the gen Y pinbox installed towed with a 3500 Ram turned 90 degrees and uturns without issue. Also have a bakflip bed cover that can stay down, first pannel during towing as well.


Congratulations!! We just got ours home today! Reese Goosebox was amazing.

Good looking coach!

Have you towed a 5er before? What is your impressions of the Reese so far?

Only once before and not with this truck. A lot less chucking than I remember. Very impressed with the truck and the trailer. I need to add more air to the Reese. I previously had a 25 foot travel trailer that I pulled for 8 years.

Hi! Would you be able to provide the width of the rig with the slides open. Looking at the 3100 my self and would like to know thank you!!!

Measuring between the exterior of the opposing slides mine is just a bit over 13 feet wide.