Just bought the Z285

After looking at the Z285 today for hours at the Dallas RV show - we decided to to make the deal. We looked at Rockwoods and dozen of other premium travel trailers and said the 285 meets and exceeds our needs. They offered me the one on the floor and talking to the Berkley rep it was No 1 off the line so i passed. Full production is ramping up so i will wait. Yea there a few things i dont like and will change like the non spring hangers in the bedroom by the TV, the pass through from the bath to bedroom i will build a custom divider with some pockets shelves. Figure out a better way for the electrical cord storage. I am guessing storage bins for the panty and can and stuff will get bounced around and since i make furniture i might make custom chairs and foot rest for me as i am 6-4. I climb under the trailer 3 times with a flashlight to look at the frame, welds, axels supports, under belly finish and had a crowd asking what i was doing! The fit and finish on the show model was damn near perfect in fact the only thing i found was the pass through cabinet frames needed to be painted on both sides for a complete finish look. The Berkley was going to tell the factory about that. Units should be shipping a a couple weeks so i am guessing we will be one of the early ones to find and tell you all about.

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Probably a good call to skip on the very first one. Would have done the same thing.
And, just giving you a hard time here…it’s Brinkley.

Hope you enjoy your new rig once you get it!

@ikoolu we want to see pics…I have not seen one in the wild yet!

@ikoolu do you have any pictures of yours?

Only a couple the Brinkley team took showing it was completed and vin. It was closed up

So awesome. We ordered one and it is supposed to be completed 5/29. How were you able to get pix?

Contact Brinkley customer service