Just got home with my 3950

This thing is just awesome. I spent 2 days trying to find anything wrong with it.

The coiled spray hose leaked, they sent me a new one.
Furion cameras dont show video
Tire monitor has a lame sensor.

Thats it folks nothing wrong because Brinkley cares and builds quality stuff.

The couch is awesome and comfortable to nap in.
The Bambu mattress is firm and comfortable, i am keeping it.

All the GE appliances work great.

The water heater may have to go, or i may tie in a conventional tank heater for boon docking. The instant water heater is great for being hooked up but uses too much wather boondocking.

We drove from Phoenix to Bish’s twin falls to get it. Best dealer i have ever worked with. Saved thousands of dollars by spending a week and 700 in fuel to get it.

You get what you pay for.

We compared the 3950 with a new Luxe. 3950 won and did not cost $380k, and is a toy hauler.

Ask me anything about this 3950!


That’s impressive. Did you modify the truck?

No, the previos owner did all that. Did a great job.

Congrats & like the tow rig!

I agree with you on the water heater. On demand is ok when you have endless water but not for an RV.

Brinkley are you listening?? Please switch to a propane electric water heater.

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@Capt-Kirk that is sweet. Just wondering has anyone reached out to Brinkley to find out if they will warranty someone towing with a HDT?

I know that has been something in the past that Lippert has indicated they would’t because of the lack of travel with such a stiff suspension.

This truck was modified by the previouse owner to adress just that. The tandem axle was made single, and moved back a bit. The 5th wheel hangs way behind the axle to give it more leverage.
The suspension flexes just fine and the GenY hitch works as well.

Have you seen the front bulkhead of the 3950? Massive, and it is not a drop frame.

If i crack this one… i dun messed up!

Amazing setup!

We’re contemplating between GDRV 410TH-R and this Brinkley G 3950.

What’s the good price on G 3950 these days? How much % off MSRP do dealers go?

Also if you can recommend the Brinley dealership to us we would appreciate it a lot.


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Shoot for 30% off
I bought mine from Bish’s RV twin falls Idaho.

Look at the plumbing on the GD. You will see flex hose clamped to plastic PEX fittings. This is bad. The joint at the flex will leak. Only a matter of time and how bad. In my heartland every fitting leaked.

Brinkley uses proper brass fitting and correct connections to flex like a screw on compression fitting as you find.in your house to sink.

The rest of GD quality looks more like my crappy heartland did. Staples and peeing wall paper everywhere.

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Thank you for the info.

We’re full timers on GDRV toy haulers for over 2 years. We usually remodel whether it’s new or not.

Brinkley wouldn’t need as much effort remodelling as 410 would.

I hear you for the plumbing. That’s true, one of the projects that was on my agenda simxe ever. However, ours never leaked but I’m not going to lie, every time I open that fake wall and look at those plastic connections I cringe.

It’s pity that Brinkley doesn’t offer independent suspension option when custom ordered though.

Have you been on the scale with your G 3950? I wonder what’s its real-world pin weight.

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I hope you had a good holiday.

Just to verify, the 3950 loaded is at 21k INCLUDING 4680 lbs pin or is it 21k on its axles WITHOUT PIN?

You have 7k dexter axles down?

I went and visited Blue Compass in Phoenix to verify the floor plan. I also, contacted Bish’s and mentioned your referral. They asked me for the name, I said it’s the guy with red semi :wink:

Have a good one,

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Yep 60 pounds over the axle limit
I won’t travel with full fuel tanks again. 30 gallons for the generator is a lot of running. On weekend trips I might use 10 gallons in the toy at most

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Those Dexter axles should be fine when maxed out. The weakest points are leaf springs (which are 7-leaf - 8k ones), hangers (which are enforced with V profile) and equalizers.

What equalizers did your come with?
I see they install both Lippers Road Armour (blue) or Dexter EZ-Flex (red).

I would prefer MORryde AllTrek 4000 equalizers and MORryde X-Factor Crossmember. Also, instead of sumo springs I would definitely go with Roadmaster shocks.

All of these components are better solutions and more expensive than what they added but for that price tag and their claim of reimagined RV design you would expect at least this setup or MORryde Independent Suspension System.

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They installed the red dexter EZ flex
I like the straighht axles as they are so easy to work on.
If ever need to replace one they will be upgraded.
Road master might be in the future but it towes so well now…