Kitchen slide 3610Z

My kitchen slide’s inside trim does not flush with the wall when fully opened. It is slightly less than an inch gap at the bottom and 2”+ at the top. The slide is fully out per the over ride of the slide mechanism signaling fully open. Viewed from the outside it can be seen the top of the slide is not as far extended as the bottom of the slide.

Can you post some pics to help us understand what you are seeing?

Uploaded three pics. Look at slide gear tracks to see the difference in the top and the bottom ones.

My eyes are confused by the mid-bunk it almost looks like that is out of alignment.

The slide rolls on the floor, did you pull it in slightly and peak under the vinyl flap to see if any debris is stuck in that groove on the edge of the floor where the slide sits when fully extended? You can also take a peak from the outside that nothing is out of order or stuck.

That would be my first thought.

The other would be to check that it is fully extending, yes the motors clicks when you hit the end of travel but the slide may not have fully seated in its proper position. I don’t know how the factory or dealership would’t have caught that during the PDI.

Lippert makes the hydraulic slide for Brinkley if you do not want to take it into the dealer to have them adjust it. Here is the Lippert YouTube video on how to correctly adjust your hydraulic slide. They also have a bunch of great videos on their YouTube channel if you want to scroll through it.

Thank you! Good video. I’ll be checking next week when at unit.