Let’s talk Knives!

Would love to hear what silverware everyone is using? I think the slots are only 13.25” in the silverware drawer. A lot of knives extend past that!

we dont use that drawer for silverware at all, i did not realize the size limit you found, we just thought it was a bad location for such… i guess it would be different for everyone - between “campers” and “full timers”, kids etc, pending how often table is used etc. We live in ours, just 2 of us, so grabbing silverware closer to where we grab the food is more convenient, a regular tray in a drawer.
Other “fancy” features we do not use include the spice-rack (it just wastes a ton of space in the drawer) and dog bowls (too small).

I have found that the drawers are a little small myself. It looks like you need something that is 9 1/4" or less to fit the drawer length. I wish they made the utensil holders over 10" in length to accommodate more sizes.