LG Ventless Washer/Dryer Install

I thought I would share my experience installing the LG Ventless condensing washer/dryer combo. I went with this because the Splendide reviews have never been great and I wanted a better brand.

First I removed the divider shelf, just tilted it towards the closet and lifted the front and the shelf came out. I did the same for the shelf that divided the closet in 1/2 — call it the “middle” shelf”. Then I removed the 3 screws holding the front lip of the cabinet at the floor. With the 3x screws removed used flat head to separate that from the front trip (just held in with staples).

Cabinet base removed; ready to prep the LG washer/dryer combo

Had the store load the entire LG combo into the truck. Backed the truck to door. Then I used a pair of 2x4 to bridge the tailgate of the truck to the coach. Then carried it with two people up the steps into the hallway.

If I were to do this again I would do the following before unloading it off the truck.

At the rear of the unit remove the two screws that hold the top lid on. You will need this to remove the front cover which is where the dial attaches. This is scary to think about but it is so very simple, my first time and it only took me a few minutes to figure out.*

Top cover removed showing the inside components

Now remove 2x screws holding the front panel on from the rear of the front panel on the inside.

Next remove the dispenser tray and the two screw that it attaches to the frame.

Last two screws holding on the front cover

Pull up gently from the dispenser tray to remove the cover. There is a single ribbon cable that did not have a clip that I recall. Now the front control panel and knob is removed. This took me all of a 5 minutes to do.

To get the unit to slide through the door you will need to remove the hinges on the bedroom door. We put a towel down to slide the unit in with the front of the unit facing the door frame.

To gain additional clearance in the cabinet, I removed all the plastic drain hose attachments. You can simply pull on them and they pop out. They protrude fairly far, so removing will gain you additional clearance. I put back in a zip tie at the very lower hole where the drain line exits the rear of the unit.

Drain hose holder on the bottom right side

Drain hose holder on the top right

Attaching the zip tie to the main drain in the old clips place

Drain exit, where I attached a zip tie as it is required

For the water supply I used pair of 4’ supply lines (could have done fine with 3’ if they had them) with 90’s on both ends. With the unit pushed all the way back in the washer cabinet they don’t even touch the back wall. Everything was zip tied neat.

Cut about 2’ off the drain line and removed the top rear most screw for the hookup panel and attached the drain hose holder. At this point just slid the unit in and it fits like a glove.

Here it is after the test fit before final prep work

I removed the hanger from the middle shelf and cut a small ear off the back right of the shelf to fit the power cord through.

Finally I put the pocket screws back in the lower cabinet and everything first perfectly.

Clearance with the stock cabinet doors closed

Any questions welcome, we have been using it for a few weeks and it has been fantastic!

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How well does it dry?
Good job getting it in there.

Crispy, it’s a condenser dryer but not heat pump. So far the wash & dry combo cycle seems to be the fastest way to complete a cycle.

It does take about 3hr for a real full load with jeans and heavy stuff. LG suggests in the manual to fill but not stuff the drum. We can complete almost a week’s worth of clothing in a cycle.

I am still trying to determine if I am going to put the louvered doors on. The manual does not indicate a minimum (or any) airflow like a heat pump ventless or electric vented would. Since it uses AC heating element to condense the air I get the impression we don’t need to move that much air.

One note for long term use is the lint is washed down the drain. The manual and reviews all note that possibly cleaning the trap may be necessary yearly.

How are you keeping that move moving around when traveling? Does it shake and shift around in the closet?

Now that you have had it for a month do you still like the LG ventless over a traditional unit? How about not having a dedicated dryer, that seems like a big issue to me.

It came with antiskid stickers which remarkably work well. I have ~1500 miles and so far it’s barely moves on the road. More of an issue when it is running.

I tried standard washer brackets for RV’s but they won’t fit. I am considering other options but honestly it’s not a big deal.