LG WM3555HWA Washer/Dryer All-in-One install

I have seen a number of posts and YouTube videos of people doing the LG Washer/Dryer All-in-One (thinking about getting LG WM3555HWA) installs and I wanted to know a few things:

  • How did you get it through the bedroom door, do you need to take the frame off or just the door?
  • Did anyone get the hose lines to fit?
  • Does anyone have the louvered doors, does it fit with them?
  • How do you route the power cable through the shelf if you don’t end up needing to remove it?
  • Can you access the filter at the bottom somehow?
  • How do you winterize the unit?

@swilcox727 does that weigh too much? Most people get the Splendid version (who also makes a all-in-one FYI.

It’s been shared a few times with me that the Splendide combo doesn’t dry well. I bought the stackable and the washer and the dryer perform well. The only “issue” is the spin cycle shakes the whole 3100 and it stackable unit moves within the space it’s in.