Light Bulb replacement

We are new Brinkley Owners and one of the Edison Light bulbs has broken while traveling. I found a replacement on Recpro ( for $23 and they are out of stock. Has anyone needed to get a replacement?

I don’t recall what is the screw base size is. It should say on the bulb but I am not near my coach to double check. I would think it is something like E11 or E12 size.

Good to know that I should double check my bulbs to make sure they are tight.

I had one die on the first trip, and I searched and only found the rec pro, and it appears to be a different wattage and kelvin color.
I contacted Brinkley and they get them from the light fixture supplier and there is not any manufacturer info on the box. So as of now getting it through your dealer is the only option.
I called my dealer and he had one shipped to my house at no charge. It took about a week to get it.