Looking for help with tripod stabilization


We are a couple who recently retired and are starting out part time. We have always camped but it was always in a travel trailer. We just purchased our first 5th wheel and honestly the sway and shake is so much less than in our old camper.

We have a unique problem in that we also went with a gooseneck conversion but it seems none of the tripod stabilizers are compatible with our hitch. Looks like the Gen-Y torsion part hangs down much lower than other hitches. I measured and it seems it is only 34" from the ground on a level surface.

We just want to reduce the sway when someone is in bed. If my wife is walking around and once of us is in bed you can certainly feel the rig moving side-to-side. Any help is much appreciated!

Is the issue that the gooseneck is too low to use a tripod?

@TotalAlliance have you look at the Bal Full-Timer?

Give e-Trailer a call. They advertise these…