Model Z 3610 owners bunk room slide switch

I have some hate for Brinkley RV right now about a coupe of topics right now. One of them is why does the Model Z 3610 have the slide controller in the bunk room – what morons thought that was a good idea? I had kids in the slide last night and then accidentally hit the room slide in mechanism trying to turn the light on since it is the same shape RIGHT NEXT to the light switch!!

Brinkley RV needs to fix this immediately and retrofit existing customer!

The only fair this is to get it working with the OneControl like everyone elses rig!

too funny, I was at a dealer today and checking it out because this is what I want to purchase and my 3 y/o started playing with the light, and then the slide! holding off until this is corrected. They should just run this switch where the one control is, i would be fine with not having it on the panel.