Moving the slides w/o being plugged in

I have just realized that with my unit in storage, if want to do even very simple things like remove some food from the pantry that might be a rodent hazard (that we overlooked when dropping the unit at storage) I will need to extend the slides purely on battery.

Should I be nervous about moving the slides out and back once on battery?

No problem I’ve moved mine multiple times on battery. Also if you turn off the fridge and everything, you can turn the battery disconnect on, and use the solar to charge the batteries if your storage is uncovered.

I had assumed that even with the storage disconnected thrown, the solar panels remain connected to the battery - I guess not? I need to have it in travel mode for them to be connected?

The slides are 12v and only run on battery. The converter will charge the battery but by nature of a converter it can put out up to 55amps at a slightly higher voltage than the battery so the source of higher voltage on the DC side will what it used first.

So when plugged in the DC power primarily comes from converter (~55a DC) and any remaining power will charge the battery. If you have high amp draw lets all the lights on, fridge on and extending a slide if that took hypothetical 100a DC then ~55a would come from the converter and 45a DC the from the battery.

It is more important to have the battery on the system than be plugged in. The truth is the moment you start the slide the amp draw will increase for a fraction of a second and the battery can provide that fairly well. The converter can’t compensate very well for sudden high amp load unless it is very small and well below its rated capacity.

@Highlands Thanks. I think your bottom line is do not leave the main cutoff open when plugged in - you lose the capacitance / conditioning the battery provides. That makes sense - thanks.

My main worry was that I might drain the battery operating the slides when not plugged in. I have confirmed with Brinkley that the solar panels are connected to the battery regardless of the state of either cutoff switch, and since my storage is outdoor, I am confident that opening and closing the slides a couple times a month isn’t going to deplete my batteries, especially if I run my tow vehicle while I’m doing it.

On a separate topic, as you sound like you might know …

I expect my tow vehicle alternator also runs at a slightly higher voltage than the batteries, but I don’t have an idle control on my truck and I don’t know if the truck will adjust the alternator coil current to increase the alternator output current at lower idles /regulate around whatever its setpoint voltage is in this manner (ie regulate coil current vs output voltage for a fixed engine RPM). (F350, single alternator)

This is just a matter of curiosity for me, not a concern. If it does regulate in this manner, then I can count on 200A as long as the truck is idling (split between the truck and the trailer, of course).