My FIL got an insane deal on a Brinkley Toy Hauler that is less than a week old but he has never owned an RV and does not know how to operate it! Help!

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My FIL got a Brinkley 3500. His neighbors bought the RV brand new but their children are in Europe and there was some sorta emergency and they basically had to pack up and leave and they are not coming back for a few years. My FIL got an insane deal!

I know there is a Brinkley owners hub on Facebook but my FIL is not on social media! He really is not into computers and smart phones. He is pretty old school.

I found the owner’s manual from Brinkley website and printed it for him! ( That was a lot of papers ) It’s a bit much but he is a visual learner. So I’m trying to obtain videos that explains all the little things! There seems to be a switch and button just about everywhere!

It looks like there are hundreds of content creators for RV stuff these days. Does anyone here have any recommendations for any videos that would help him? He knows nothing really! He does not know what a black tank is or what a grey tank is or what are all the things involved in RV maintenance! Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated!

Well, the only thing I see is to reach a RV tech and have some little course that give him the basic of how things works and what about the maintenance you have to do with the rv

On the Brinkley website go to Resources > Owner’s Hub > Model G Owner’s Hub. There are a ton of videos. Start out with the quick start video and go from there. Model G Owner’s Hub

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Yes, this is a great option