My one touch will not sync. Generator, Black tank release valve stuck, amp failure

My one touch will not sync to any phone. And i have an amp in protection mode. Patio and outside speakers not working. Also, Had the generator replaced after 11 hrs of use. and Black tank #1 stuck in the open position. Customer service has been great, i’m just tired of fixing stuff. Anyone else have any of these problems?

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I have some likely dead speakers, but Rockford overnighted me new ones, plus a replacement amp. I haven’t had time to replace anything but I will say that the customer service is great. It’s nice to call up Brinkley and be able to speak to someone in person, without having to go through the dealership first.

I was super bummed that there is zero support under the kitchen sink cabinet, but I have got it fixed now. We must be weird, wanting to use that area for storage…

Owning an RV would be impossible if you weren’t able to handle fixing stuff, especially if you are full-timing.

I haven’t ran my generator, so hopefully mine will fare better than yours.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Thanks, I’m heading out this afternoon with an ohm meter to determine which speaker is faulty. Then I’ll work on closing the black tank. We are not full-timers, but we use our unit almost every weekend. So, dry camping is essential.

Yup- and then some.
First trip out:
-Black tank valve stuck open- after the first black tank drain. Had to go buy an external valve.
-Leak from the shower. After a morning shower, found soapy water in the basement storage, had to tighten up the shower drain and that fixed the problem.
-Leak from the filtration system, tightened that and fixed it.
-Sink drain in main bathroom came completely undone.
-Happy jack bunk system wouldn’t come down. Removed the black cover after manually lowering and the controller was never attached to the wall, just dangling and banging around. Traced the problem to a bad connector on the down limit switch side. Jumpered the down side controller and got it to work.

  • While fixing leak in the basement noticed metal shavings everywhere- got one stuck in my head as a matter of fact. Metal shavings in the garage storage bin and outside in the external cooler.
    Not impressed and disappointed. Customer service lady I spoke to is working on getting it all fixed, but it’s been a few weeks.

Well done here this looks great.

I’m also experiencing quite a few problems. Most I’ve been able to handle. I have one I cannot. Any recommendations for repair in the western half of the us? Currently in Texas.

Has anyone been able to fix the sewer valve? Mine shows open (blinking light) but doesn’t leak. It also makes a grinding or clicking noise as it closes.
Brinkley says there is an inspection port but underbelly needs to be removed. I have not worked on this yet.

yes, mine is doing the exact same thing. I did go through the underbelly to look at it. Prepare yourself for lots of sharp metal shavings falling on you were protective goggles. This was three weeks ago and I had to get an answer for Brinkley Customer Care. Also waiting on a reply for a bad switch on the fuel pump that never works from the beginning. Also had to replace the generator from the very beginning the new one came with a bad inverter and that had to be sent separately. not to mention the amplifier that had to be replaced after four hours of use. Fosgate was really good about that and the customer service was excellent so was the generator service Brinkley not so much. I Expected to be working on a trailer just the way it is just not so soon.