Need help with either WFCO WF-9855-AD or Furrion 350A battery monitor

Good Afternoon;

As per the owners manual recommendation we purchased a pair of 12v Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for our new Z. I have been watching the onboard Furrion 350A monitoring and I can’t figure out to get it to reset to properly show the state-of-charge.

I followed Furrion’s manual and unplugged the WFCO converter to drain the batteries down. I plugged in the WFCO in again and charged the batteries full and repeated the process as outlined in the Furrion 350A manual. However, it seems like the monitor in not registering the correct state-of-charge and never fully gets to 100%.

I understand the WF-98855-AD has an auto detection feature and I suspect that is not working properly not the batteries are never being fully charged. However it is almost impossible with this battery monitor to tell what the battery voltage is vs the voltage that seems to be on the 12v system overall.

Does the Furrion 350A have a shunt somewhere, I have not found it yet?

Any help at all to try to figure this out would be greatly appreciated. My dealership basically said they don’t understand this level of detail for charging and operation of the Furrion 350A and that lithium batteries are outside the knowledge they have. The manuals for both WFCO WF-9855-AD and Furrion 350A are lacking to say the least.

Furion, yuk.
But call them directly.
I am sure the converter is charging the bateries but i just gave up on using state of charge meter and injust use voltage to tell for sure.

The only problem is voltage is only a good indication of the amount of power left in lead acid/AGM batteries.

The Furrion battery monitor is shit, Brinkley needs to dump it and use a Victron. I am pretty sure @bmccormick8 the issue you are having requires you to disconnect all power or unplug the WFCO to reset it so it can relearn the battery. This has been happening to other people with that model.

If you are not going to get an inverter/charger it may be better to just upgrade to a proper lithium converter. WFCO products are not that great, Progressive Dynamics 9100 series makes much better converts that will allow you to charger faster and make sure you are actually fully charged. The WFCO is 55 adc so the PD9160ALV is a good drop in replacement.

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