New 3100 with Gen-Y

Straight from the factory to a one night shake down trip. Towing with an F350 King Ranch 8’ bed, Godzilla engine, gooseneck Gen-Y. Love the Gen-Y. Looking for tiny issues and finding none. Did load the Lippert control on my phone which was easy.

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Congradulations and hope you willlove it. We are in the process of moving into our 3100 full time and traveling in retirement.

Congrats on the new rig! How does she tow with that engine?

That is one hot setup! How far did you tow on the Gen-Y so far and what are your thoughts if you have towed a 5er before.

I have towed in the past a 26 TT and a 30’ TT and this is a very nice setup. The F350 crew with an 8’ is awesome for high angle turns and the large gas tank, but man…is it long…… I was so anxious first picking up the 3100 that I forgot to put the truck in Tow mode…. And it still pulled it easily. It’s that strong. Zero problems merging…feels very steady. I won’t get into the whole diesel vs gas debate but online I’ve seen similar loads being pulled up and over the Rockies with ease so I’ll be interested in seeing how that works. I will say… the Gen Y is really nice… when the wife says “wow that’s smooth”…. You know you’ve got a good setup. Now… I need to calm down and use tow mode :wink:

Congrats on the new rig, we love our 3100. We tow with a 350, with Godzilla also. We pulled a couple of 7% grades 2 weeks ago, and it handled them with no issues. I think its the perfect engine for this size camper.

Wow! Very nice setup. My brother just got an F250 with the Godzilla and he loves it. Payload is a huge advantage with that engine. Welcome!

Looks great. We are thinking about the Z3100 for full-time living and also want to pull it with a gas truck. We are also from Ohio. Was also considering the Z2900 but really like the bedroom in the Z3100 and the king size bed.

Having a King bed std, and the walk in closet (for the wife) is what sold her as we looked at the 2900 as well. 3 foot longer doesn’t seem like much but the useable space in the bedroom is appreciated. Price was not much more for the 3100 so… we will probably never install a W/D so that smaller space will be my closet ;). Happy wife…. Happy life….

Do you mind if I ask what you have hanging on the back of that bad boy and what it weighs?

I was looking at the tongue weight rating of that hitch to see if it could support my motorcycle, a 400-pound-ish BMW G310.

Hanging off the back is 2 e-bikes, a “lift caddy” that raises and lowers the bike rack itself, and a Thule e-bike rack. All weighs under 300lbs which is the limit of the hitch. I will be reconfiguring things as I don’t like how the bikes are situated (they rub), but overall it works. It’s always a challenge to place two bikes and not have them rub somewhere. E-bikes are heavy, so the lift caddy allows me to lower the whole rack to the ground, attach the bikes at one point, then raise it all back up to finish the lashing down. Smaller e-bikes would help, but we own what we own so I’m making it work. There is a 4 pin trailer outlet on the back of the 3100 I plug the lift caddy into (with a 7 pin adapter).