New 3610 owner! 12, 24, or 48v batteries what should I do?

I am trying to take advantage of some sales and figure out what the best way to power a pair of inverter chargers to run all three AC’s. I am looking at the Victron 2 x120’s in a parallel configuration and some say go with a 24v system. However, if I do I have to deal with powering the rest of the jacks.

My concern is many many many people in the industry are advocating that 48v is the future. Should I jump to 48v? What are people using BattleBorn’s or EG4’s? LiTime’s I just can’t get a handle on this. I also could use some help with wiring diagrams if anyone can assist!

Finally will a 3000 watt inverter be enough on each leg? Softstarts an issue that I need to address as well?

Thanks everyone, really can use some help on this one


I am going with 24 volt simply because Victron is the only one that has DC-DC converter that has high amp output. Yo can put a pair of these and you don’t need a battery for the 12v side.

I vote 48v we are all moving that way.

I would not with 24v or 48v put them in series to make a higher voltage battery. You will overtime get them out of sync and they will wear differently. Whatever you do get a battery that is native the voltage you are looking for.

If you go 24v I would suggest the Victron Multiplus 2x120’s because if you stack them in parallel you can load balance between both inverters and power the entire rig on both legs of 50a. So that means that you would have 4800W available for your entire rig across both legs.

You will need soft starts if you rig does not have the new Furrion Chill Cube which is variable speed compression and WILL NOT need a soft starter. You will for the bedroom if you don’t have one. I was an early adopter of MicroAir’s EasyStart and it has been excellent in my old trailer since 2017. I ran a 15k AC for years on a Honda EU2000 on a regular basis for up to a week boondocking.

I am down to 24v or 48v battery system. After some research I am starting to understand that higher voltage has its benefits. So it looks like I can do a pair of 2 x 120 Victron at 24v but I am kind of feeling like going with a 48v system. In my research I understand there is no 48v battery disconnect that the ones that are out are 48v maximum not nominal?

Just so you know the Victron Multiplus II 2x120 you will only have the UPS function in one leg. So you will have a brief power outage on one leg each time you switch shore power or start/stop a 120v generator.

I prefer a pair of Multiplus II and a Victron Autotransformer. This will run both legs, UPS function and it balances load.