New 3610 owner here

OMG I love my Brinkley 3610 but has anyone figured out how to replace the absolute HORRIBLE Suburban thermostat in the hallway? It is absolutely horrible at keeping the rig warm in the cold weather. We are seriously frustrated with this and I feel like Brinkley should offer a warranty replacement for this!

I heard that Brinkley is working on an upgrade of some kind. I have been thinking about the Micro-Air EasyTouch. That 3610 is going to need three of them to get all the AC’s working.

I talked with someone who said they are also working on a fix for our Furrion AC’s reading the temp from the A/C unit and not from the wall which is throwing the bedroom temperatures off.

I feel like that is a major concern for most owners, the AC’s are not cooling properly with the sensor next to the hot roof. It is like Brinkley did 90% of the stuff right but once and a while something is not thought through, like the AC or heating thermostat.

Interesting…does the current one not support heat? I was wondering what was wrong with my AC’s they display really cold temps right now.

I have a 2024 z3100, came with the same one, even though the (quite excellent) manual shows a digital/different one, guessing they changed the furnace at some point and did not update the manual, OR, perhaps my unit just happened to get the old setup… although i like the simplicity of the mechanical thermostat, its setting is not very accurate and hard to use… so I did some googling and youtubing, several people have replaced the Suburban Manufacturing thermostat with Honeywell digital ones, i just ordered a honeywell th1100dv1000 myself, this is a simple one, you can get programmable ones, and stuff you dont need like AC control.
Just be aware that these are really designed for use with 24VAC residental systems, while your RV is usually/always a 12VDC and who knows exactly what the Furnace is using on that one - so there is no guarantee on this, several people done it, it acts as a relay basically and seems okay with whatever the control circuit uses, just have to use batteries in the thermostat (and do not connect common)