New (soon) 3100 owner. First post and a question

Take delivery of our new 3100 mid May.

Coming from a Oliver travel trailer and Northern Lite 10-2. Traded in the truck camper and selling the Oliver. Both have been problem free and fit the need.

Trying on this fifth wheel, travel and camp in luxury I’ve heard so much about. Not looking forward to failed slide operations; fingers crossed.

Any owners towing with a flatbed? Search of the Brinkley Owners forum and google in general shows little info.

I did a preliminary fit check at the dealer but they did not have a Gen-Y goose ball on the lot for a valid check. All the sales folks stated “you won’t have a clearance problem with a flatbed” and I never had a salesman mis-stated the facts :rofl:. Gen-Y to be installed on the new unit prior to our PDI date. Also having them installed a couple Battle Born Li batteries.

Mildly concerned only but, I don’t want to purchase a new truck if fitment and clearance are an issue. My current 2022 F450 with a 9 1/2’ CM flatbed is used for several tow applications (dump and equipment trailers) and I don’t want to change it up.

Photos and comments welcome.

I cant speak to the Flatbed part but i can say the Gen Y is great. I had one on my last 5th wheel and also on my Brinkley. Its a good unit. I cant think of any issues you might have otherwise.

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The bed does not matter, the ball or hitch will still be attached directly to the frame so the hight should be stock to the frame of the truck you are pulling with.

I can’t see any reason this would e a problem.

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