No hot water at kitchen sink!

Hello All.
On our new Z2900 we are not getting any hot water at the kitchen sink, the water flows but will not get hot. We have/get hot water in bath sink and shower. Could it be something like the mixer on the faucet itself or some other issue. Hoping to fix without having to bring to dealer, thanks in advance.

You can test your mixer theory by turning off the cold water valve under the sink, so only (should-be) hot water is supplied.

When you run the water check that you see on the hot water control the water turning on. Some other owners recently noted a similar issue hot water strange issues recently. Wondering if they could be related to some plumbing installation issue.

I will test those two suggestions, thanks so much.

Basically it is because tankless water heaters do not work well in campers. They cause a huge waste of water. Retrofitting a 12 gallon gas/electric will fix that.