Prevent Furrion tankless from freezing

About to head to warmer pastures, I am going to head south next week. I am going to spend the first couple of nights below freezing. How does the tankless hot water heater handle that? Do I need to winterize the unit or do anything special? I just don’t see how the heated basement is going to prevent it from freezing.

I read that if it is turned on, that if the water in it drops below 42 degrees it kicks on to protect from that. Just make sure it is on and has propane.

We have a z3100, the same water heater I presume, we have no issues with anything freezing as long as things are turned on and furnace going - down to about 5 degrees Fahrenheit.
(Manual states it us not designed for zub-zero).

One thing to watch out for is condensation and subsequent ice build up… open shades, pull things from walls, open drawers etc…