Queen Bed Nightstand Pics

Does anyone have any information on what the nighstands look like for the queen bed option? Our unit came with the king bed, but we are changing to a queen. I need to buy units from Brinkley or make my own.

Dealership wants $140 each (plus freight) for the Brinkley units, which seems ludicrous.

If anyone has them and can share some photos, that would be awesome!

About 2 months back I asked Brinkley customer service for pics of the queen bed and “nightstands” for a Z3100. Not sure if they’re exactly the same as a Model G but here you go…

Thanks for sending those! I’m going to build something similar this weekend. I’ll post up some pics when I’m done. I might make the lid be a slider that goes forward so you don’t have to take anything off to gain access. Seems like a good idea, but I might get lazy and hinge them.

The flip up lids in the living room always have the wife’s decor on them that you need to move if you want in the bin.

You’re welcome. The slider is an interesting idea. If you have cords plugged in it could become an issue, but they could be an issue anyway with the hinge. I kinda like that theirs is only a portion that opens and you could keep things out of the way on the stationary sections.

While we’d prefer a king, we also would like a little extra room around the bedsides and the usefulness of the nightstands to charge a phone, place a bottle of water, and have storage for remotes, reading glasses, adult things, etc.

Decisions decisions.

Please do post pics!