Rear brake and turn LED lights have water intrusion

Anyone else drive through the rain and have water drops inside the lenses? All four of my LED lights have water intrusion after a recent trip.

Here is the 3rd picture

I have not seen this but could it be because they don’t seal it? Did you see any water in the LED section or just where the screws go in?

Brinkley sent me two lights for this very reason. I used a matt knife to cut an access port in the back of the light enclosure. I then used Zip tape to seal the cut portion of the enclosure. I also used silicone sealant on the top of the lights to stop the water from getting into the back of the light.

I need to look at mine but @rkraut what was the tape for? Did that seal a vent hole or something?

I used Zip tape to seal the knife cuts made in the light enclosure on the back wall of the RV. You need access to the wire connections to change the light.