Reinforce the front bay floor

Has anyone turned the front compartment into storage, I mean for things like generators and such? I assume it has a weight capacity on that metal tray. What are you doing to reinforce that?

I think most people just put down plywood.

I am looking into this as well as I am working on an inverter and battery installation. I think I read the floor was rated for something like 300lbs?

I am going to put down some plywood I think 1/2" painted black, stack my batters and cover it with plywood and laydown some coin flooring like the rest of the compartment has. My thought process is it will look like the floor in the passthrough and give me more storage for things like my portable generator/tripod etc.

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@swilcox727 how much weight do you plan to but in there?

I know some folks has removed the battery box and put down 3/4 plywood. Somewhere someone said the floor was rated to 300#.