Remove the rear couch

One of the things we would like to do after the purchase is remove the rear couch and install a desk. However, it looks like the rear storage opens up under the couch. Am I seeing that correctly? Is it possible to remove the couch without opening up a vast chasm in the rear floor?

I would recommend you wait a bit. Brinkley has already shown off a desk option that will allow you to convert the kitchen table into a desk area. We have been told it will be sold as a aftermarket as well as a OEM option. From what I have seen you will still have a table kind of but it works better for a desk.

Don’t forget you can order the extension for the bedroom dresser to extend it into a desk. The newest version of the extension folds in half for easier storage under the bed.

Otherwise it is a standard couch that would be pretty easy to remove. You would just had a few holes in the floor where it is screwed down to the vinyl flooring. If I get time I will open up the couch and take a picture of the floor.

Remember under the rear floor is a storage compartment (that is heated btw).

Pictures would be great! The only knowledge I have of the rear storage is from the factory tour videos I’ve seen from various YouTubers. If there is a regular floor under the couch then that should be fine. For some reason I tough it was somehow open to the storage compartment below it.
We don’t want to change the kitchen table at all. But we have no need for a couch in the back. No matter what model or manufacturer we buy, we will probably delete the couch in favor of a desk at the back.

If you do end up remove your couch and don’t want it anymore; I would be interested in purchasing it if you are reasonably close or somehow I can ship it.

I need a new one and having a hard time source it.

We haven’t purchased a coach yet but when we do, I’ll keep you in mind for when we remove it.

There is a black plastic thing above the floor on the rear couch. I know for a fact people have changed things in the rear couch area but that would need to be solved for.