Replacing the microwave with a convection (air fryer) type

Greetings all!! So happy this place is kicking off :heart_eyes:

I did the factory tour with Tim in July. When I was on the tour he mentioned that the microwaves are residential sized so they can be replaced with a standard unit. I am wondering has anyone done this mod yet and how does the brackets on the slide wall fit? Any units that are convection a direct fit without a ton of problems?!?

I remember hearing the same. Love to know if this works myself. I measured the distance and it seems to be standard width. My concern is the brackets on the slide wall.

I would like to know also. How do you drop the top mounting bolts? There is no way to get to them

My unit is in storage but I will take a look over the weekend because I am also interested in a convection microwave.

We use ours to bake in all the time in the sticks and bricks. One upgrade I wish the units came with so we did’t have to either rely on the oven or supplement it.