Rhino pin box swap

We just bought a new 2900Z that has a Rhino pin box. This box measures 13 1/4 inches from center of kingpin to the center of the first row of bolts.
We need one that is a couple inches longer so we can fully open the front storage door with the pickup hooked up.
I have tried calling Lippert, Reese,Moryde and even Brinkley customer service.
I can’t believe this should be that difficult to resolve.
Any suggestions? I’m not interested in going to a gooseneck setup at this time.

Have you considered getting the GenY Executive king pin?

Thanks for that info. I will check into that.

Do you have the equivalent drawing for their GenY Executive Goose ball?

@Gary325 Sure!…here you go:

FWIW, I have a Gen-Y Executive Kingpin that I removed from my G4000. We went with the gooseneck adapter, so I have this for sale. Let me know if you are interested, asking $500.

Is it the GH 8051 model?
That’s the one I need.

This is the unit that came on my G4000. Its a GH-8061.

I went with the GH 8051 GenY hitch. It now gives me the clearance to open the front storage door on the 2900Z with my pickup hooked up. Thanks for the help.

Hey Lyle, we just purchased a 2024 Z2900 and we are interested in your set up, but wondering what type of in truck bed 5th Wheel are you using with the GH -8051? How much does it weigh and what is you turning radius with your current set up and are you happy with it? Pros and Cons? thank you in advance


We have the Husky 26KW in our Ram 2500 (6ft 2 inch bed)with the factory puck setup

I’m not sure of the weight but the center part bolts to the side legs separately and also has the height adjustment holes.
With the Gen-Y, I moved the hitch to the lowest level in the pickup and mounted the pin box at the highest level on the 2900.
This got me fairly level and gave me about 7 1/2 inches clearance for the bed rails.
As far as turning, I haven’t had any issues, but I never try to turn as sharp as I could anyway. It just puts too much stress on the trailer axles.
I have no real negative feedback on the Husky. It gets the job done.