RVLock door stuck and would't open

Anyone have any issues with the RVLock? I attempted to get into the coach the other day and while I can hear the deadbolt motor move I could not open the door.

Attempted to lock and unlock with the keypad, and then moved to the keys and manually moved the cylinders and they just would not unlock.

After messing with it for a few minutes the dock finally came free. Anyone else experience anything like this before? I was getting nervous we would have to break into the coach somehow.

I think that lock has batteries. Maybe they are getting weak.

Also maybe try some WD in the lock key hole its self. If water got in. it could cause the cylinders to get stuck. .
spay a little bit in the keyhole then use the key to lock and unlock several times.

Happy camping.

I have a brand new 3100 and had the same thing happen. My fix is a simple one…the latch can catch ever so slightly, and it won’t open. Just press firmly on the door by the lock and you’ll hear a small click…then try it again…mine opens right up then.

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Dont use wd40, it is for water dispersion not lube, wet lubes can attarct dust and turn in to abrasives. They make lock specific lubricants that go on wet, and then dry up.

Best to find the reason of it catching and not moving and fix that.

We have experienced this only when the stairs are up and inside. We use the key when the stairs are up. Other than that, it’s never a problem.

I had the same issue. It seems the lock motor isn’t strong enough to fully retract the deadbolt pin. Luckily I had keys, otherwise it could have been a bad day.
Brinkley has shipped a new door handle set to me, haven’t been home yet to install it (still travelling!). Hopefully it was just a bad batch of locksets from Bauer, and the new one will work better.
FYI, you’ve probably already done this but if you’re still having trouble pull the batteries out. Could save some misery.
A final word…Brinkley customer service has been awesome at responding to me regarding the odd issue, whether its advice or parts.