Satellite reception

If we use the factory satellite input in the wet bay we cannot get our satellite tv to work. If I go directly from the dish to the receiver, it works fine. I have checked connections on each end and both are tight.
I assume that the problem is with the factory cable or the pass through connections in the wall.
Any other ideas? We currently are running the coax through the back window. Not ideal, but it works.

I am not sure of why it’s not working for you as i am running hd directv with the factory cable from wet bay in both bedroom and living room. Using Genie and mini genie through the directv swm technology using only the single cable from wet bay.

Only one thought, are you connected to the cable in and not the satellite in?

No, I’m in the satellite in. Like I said, if I bypass the wet bay input, and run the coax directly to the receiver, everything works fine.

One last thing for you to try… On the 3100, you have two satellite inputs. One goes to living room and the other to the bedroom. Both are in the wet bay. Try using the bedroom input to see if it works. That will tell you right away if you have a issue with wiring of the satellite cable.

Another thought, make sure that your inside recievers are connected to the satellite outputs and you are not using the tv cable outs.

Are you using dish or directv?

I’m using Dish. In the wet bay I have three inputs marked “Sat”, “Cable”, and “Aux”.
On the passenger side storage pass through there is one input just marked “Satellite”.
I have not tried that one because I have no idea what room it’s for, or if it’s for outside tv connections.

This is my setup. I use DirecTv, same system that I have used in my 2014 Montana, and transferred to my Z3100.

The white cable is power insertion for the satellite antenna. The lower cable is the output from the LNB on the satellite antenna. The upper cables on the splitter( high frequency designed for satellites)are satellite/living room and aux/bedroom.

The middle connection in wet bay is for tv cable.
As for the door side connection, I have not used that or have the need have outside TV.

Inside connection are as follows:

My main genie reciever is connected to the bedroom satellite output with the reciever using the HDMI connection to the TV.

The genie slave is connected to the living room satellite connection output and that reciever output is connected to TV using the HDMI output.

My system also allows for on demand content by using WiFi and inclement weather if i loose signal from my antenna.

System works perfectly and I understand that Brinkley did wire direct runs of cable thinking about satellite service in these units.

I am not familiar with the dish system, but running directv since 1996.

Does your attenna need to be powered by the reciever or is there a separate device like mine?

I am not sure if this helps, but maybe it will get you pointed to where to check.

I had the exact same problem on my new 3100. Turns out after testing the coax from the receiver to the SAT in above the LR TV that I had a bad cable. New cable and everything works fine. I was told that the SAT connection on ther campside passthrough was SAT OUT for an outdoor TV.

So in your case, it was the factory installed coax that goes from the wet bay up to the TV in the living room that was bad?

No, sorry for the confusion. The bad cable was the one going to my DirecTV receiver from the SAT OUT connector above the TV in the living room. Everything in the RV was fine and worked perfectly when I replaced my own cable. The first cable tested as being shorted using a coax tester. You can also use a tester to check the continuity of the internal connection between the wet bay to the tv connection using a cheap coax tester in order to confirm the wiring in your rig is OK…