Should I Use The Memory Foam Matress

We will be picking up our new Z 2900 in two weeks. We have a very good regular mattress in our Montana that we will be trading.
We were thinking of switching the mattresses from old to the new. Should we do that or are the mattresses in the Brinkley acceptable?

I’m happy with the one in my 3100. It is firm, but does soften up a little, not sure it is is use, or the fact it is warmer.
Mattress taste is such a personal thing it is hard to say, but if you like a soft plush mattress you will not like it, if you like firmer, maybe.

We have a 3100 and its got the king size.

The 2900 has a queen correct?

All i can say is for the RV stock mattress. Its actually pretty good.

Its not the throw away placeholder you get in allot of other brands.

Maybe try it a trip out and see!!

Best of luck to you.

Congratulations, you’re going to love the 2900 and for the mattress if the one you have now is not specifically for some ailments you should be fine!