Shower sunroof gone!

Just visited the local dealer and looked at a Z2900 (1988) and noted that the sunroof over the shower no longer goes through to the roof (outside).
The internal portion of that sunroof still in the shower. Most likely to keep head room.
Interior view

Exterior view

I like it that they are making these changes.

This has been standard since last fall. I hated shower skylights, they leak and only last a few years before the plastic starts to fade and spider crack from the UV rays.

I thought about putting LED lights in that area tied to the lights in the shower but it looks black on there interior so I don’t think that would work.

Wish they would just make these skylights out of polycarbonate (Lexan). Slightly more expensive but softball-sized hailstones will bounce right off them. It’s what the canopy on my last airplane was made of.