Slide maintenance and lubrication?

Anyone know what maintenance is needed to lubricate the slim rack and through frame slides?

You don’t need to do anything, maintenance free.

Did you read the Lippert manual?


The Lippert Slide-Out system has been designed to require very little maintenance. To ensure the long life of the Slide-Out system, read and follow these simple procedures:

When slide-out room is extended, visually inspect the slide gear rack assemblies. Check for excess buildup of dirt or other foreign material. Remove any debris that may be present.
If the system squeaks or makes any noises, hand apply a dry lubricant to prevent and/or stop squeaking.

Does this apply to the Z’s as well? What dry lubricant should we be using, like a PTFE one?


I checked with Lippert and they said any dry you just don’t want anything greasy that could cause debris to stick to it since it is moving down the road. They mentioned CRC Power Lube Industrial High Performance Lubricant with PTFE as a good options. The key was apparently to get some on the top where the motor is located and a little at the bottom of the rack. You have to open the slide partially and bend the tube so it squirts downward, you are not greasing the blacked geared part on the slide.