Sliding Desk/Dining Table feature not found in actual unit at the lot

The latest brochure as well as the website states that there is a:

Sliding Desk/Dining Table w/Automatic Extending Leaves & Storage Drawer

This is available on the 2900, 3100 & 3600 per the website.
Sliding Desk/Dining Table << (Link not going to exact address, should be Item 19 of 48 on Model Z 2900 Gallery)
This is available on the 2900, 3100, 3400 & 3600 per the brochure. They even have a picture of it stating the same.

All of the YouTube reviews do not show this feature. Is this a future enhancement?

My understanding is it is available as an option when ordering. Unless the dealer added the option to their build you won’t find it.

The started installing them in units built sometime around the end of December. They new dinesk is standard, you can no longer get the old table.

Got this from the local salesman who got it from his Brinkley contact:

The rep just got back to me and that is in fact a new option that wasn’t available yet when our in stock models were built but is standard now. Apparently it is going over well.

Need to see it in person. Concerned that the Ottoman cannot be stored against the wall and have a back cushion.

Is this still available as a retrofit, I was under the impression the comment from Brinkley in the past was it would be able to be ordered for older units.

It looks as though this dining table/desk upgrade is part of the changes they made in late 2023 early 2024, which include hydraulic leveling jacks, hydraulic slides, conventional screens in all of the (openable) windows, and also the desk. The MSRP did go up about 2K for these items.

I was at a dealership this past Friday looking at Brinkleys and saw the sliding desk/dinette installed on a z3100. I don’t like it at all. My wife and I don’t need a desk/workspace and if the option to have the table and chairs/bench is not available it will be a deal breaker for us.
Edit: What we would like see is the wall mounted table with an option to have the long axis perpendicular to the wall (as is currently manufactured) OR rotatable to allow the long axis to be parallel with the wall.

Did you notice if the silverware drawer is still under the table in new setup ?

Per the Website:

Sliding Desk-Dining Table
Our new dining table is so much more. With automatic extending leaves and the ability to slide into three different positions, it effortlessly adapts to your needs. Seating for four, no problem. Office space with an L-desk, no problem. How about room for two workspaces? No problem. You’ll find a hidden silverware/storage drawer as well.

Their video detailing this feature << the is a link
So yes!

They call it a “dinesk”. At the dealer we saw in 2024 they only had models with the dinesk.