Sliding Glass shower door adjustment

We are doing our “Shakedown” and I noticed that the sliding shower door down by the sink is not straight with the wall. The top is all the way against the wall and the bottom is not. Has anyone had this issue and how did you fix it? I know I can bring it back to the dealer but I am one to try things myself before I take it in.

Can you post a pic and possibly we can help you understand it a bit more.

Here is a picture. The towel is there so water does not get everywhere.

I was able to take the top rail off and slide the doors out of the railing. There is an adjustment on the roller. At first I struggled to get it adjusted correctly. I was trying to adjust it up to pull the bottom in and it finally hit me. Down is up and up is down. Once I adjusted the roller down to pull the glass up it worked perfectly.

Good post, thank you