Smoke Alarm goes off whenever frying

Does anyone know how to keep smoke alarm from going off when using stove burners

I have not experienced this so far, I am wondering if you are cooking something that is setting it off or possibly the unit is too sensitive.

Mainly cooking breakfast. Sausage, hashbrowns, and fried eggs

Did you try swapping it with a different unit in the bedroom to make sure it was not a bad detector?

Turn on the max air fan.

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when frying meats i like to cook with high heat - my smoke alarm in my z3100 seems to go off every time i cook steaks, so i just open the hatch and open a window for easier air flow while doing such. the smoke detector is definitely quite sensitive… if you like heated foot it is probably no biggie, if you like flavor and caramelization then yeah it goes off all the time.

I cook my steaks most of the way on my grill, while my blackstone is getting really hot, then sear them in butter on the Blackstone to finish them. They come out wonderful, and keeps the smell outside.