Stabilizer tilted - is this a concern?

The front driver-side stabilizer jack on the unit I am to take possession of is angled towards the outside of the trailer. It slides fine and moves rig up and down like it should, but one can eyeball it and see that it is not straight. The bar itself is not bent. I looked underneath the rig and I see the bar goes into a socket that is welded to the frame. I guess that socket is not welded such its making a clean perpendicular angle to the bottom of the frame.

Is this a concern? They are having the service manager look at it, I am not sure what they will end up saying about it, but I am expecting some version of “don’t worry about it” and want to learn what I can before I go back to close on the rig.

Maybe I really should not worry about it unless it causes leveling issues or the angle starts to get worse. I don’t know what the tolerances are on the stabilizer jacks being truly perpendicular to the bottom of the frame.

I would worry about it. These things are not cheap and after a year its your propblem Not Brinkleys.
And it wont fail until the warentee is over. Also if its not parallel to the other jack its going to be putting unnecessary pressure on both legs as it tries to push the whole unit an inch or two in a side direction over full travel. I would make sure its perfect before you pick it up.
Please let us all know you how this goes!!

I discussed more with the dealer and Brinkley. When I pick the unit up I’ll use a bullet level on all of the stabilizer’s and take pictures. If it turns into an issue, I’ll have a record that there was a defect on delivery (if indeed it is a defect, I don’t know if it is or not). I’ll post the pics of the four bullet level shots when I have them, in case anyone ever wants to compare ‘sameness’ on their stabilizers with what I am seeing.

As far as making the unit perfect, if what I am seeing is cosmetic, I don’t want the dealer bending it to make my eye happier, especially if whoever is doing the service doesn’t believe they are correcting something wrong and has no real way assess if they are done with the fix or not. I really want to be sure what I’m looking at is an issue before I insist on a modification.

Here are the level assessments. As my eye indicated, the front driver side has the most outward angle, the front passenger side has maybe half as much. The two back jacks are pretty straight. I have read elsewhere that the front jacks will be given some outward angle to help with stability. I’ll keep an eye on it.

That would make me real uncomfortable. Also those are electric jacks, which means its a unit that has been sitting on the lot for 5-6 months. I would either expect a significant discount (under $75k) of I would walk and get a new unit. Which rear A/C does it have??

I don’t know what the rear A/C is. What is the history around them?

Somewhere around vin 900 they went to a new A/C that is super quiet. It’s the Furion Chill Cube.

Ah - I am 868.

Brinkley sent the bullet-level pics to Lippert for their assessment, response pending.

I’d check on which A/C it is. The new one is a huge improvement over the old one. Honestly, it is probably a bigger deal than the hydraulic vs electric leveling. That unit has probably been on the lot at least 6 months. Kinda shocking they haven’t sold it yet.