Starlink Gen 3 dishy pole mount install review/install

I know this has been brought up in a few places online how to pole mount securely the new Gen 3 dishy. For those who are not aware the new version of dishy has a very shallow pole mount. Many, many, many users have had their dish blown off the new mount because it just does not hold as firmly as previously versions.

Here is the Starlink official one, looks sketchy at best.

As of now here are the best aftermarket upgrades such as Trio. I did’t go with this because of price and you need to loosen the bolts between uses so it is not as RV friendly as I would like. I think the build quality may be the best from what I can tell

Here is the Flag Pole Buddy mount. I chose this one because, like the Gen 2 dish I had a pole that was solid, in small section and only took moments to clip together. The mount is very solid and I have shaken the dish close to the ground and it fits very tightly to the dish. The pole part is long and easy to clip into their poles.

The biggest issue I found was on the Brinkley’s the ladder does not connect directly from the rear wall to the roof. So you can’t mount the top mount as high as you could on some other brands. This just makes it a little more tricky to get this bigger dish to swing into the top bracket. I tested it a few times and it worked but it’s tight and I needed to roll the dish as I inserted it. It will be totally fine this way just slightly harder to get it in but I am sure the more I do it the easier it will get.

Next up is running a dedicated ethernet cable to the rear of the coach so I don’t have to deploy the wire each time we setup. Parts ordered, I will update the thread when the work is done.

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I have a “Flag Pole Buddy,” so I am staring at this same situation and trying to figure it out.

Particularly, the best way to get the Cat 6 somewhere usable and without having to re-run that line every time I set up or tear down that home runs to someplace with easy 120v AND 12v (for a Pepwave 5G router)

Let me know what you came up with if you don’t mind?

See this thread some of us are routing our cables through the access hatch under the belly. Adding Starlink to your new Brinkley