SumoSprings on Model Z void warranty?

I just got my new Model Z from Delmarva RV Center and coming from a Grand Design Reflection. We were talking about upgrades and SumoSprings but all this noise in the past few days about SumoSpring sand Grand Design denying warranty coverage. I am not sure what to make of it but here is the video I am talking about…

I understand this was an overreaction with Grand Design, they have a had a ton of frame flex issues that are seemly unrelated from SumoSprings. Look at the number of YouTubers in the past year that have had an issue without having any suspension upgrades.

SumoSprings responded to this controversy in a blog post the other day.

This is the downfall of Grand Design, they are absolutely turning into Winnebago shit. They have a bunch of influencers with various frame issues and don’t want to take responsibility. There is zero chance that the SumoSprings caused this or made it worse. The issue is faulty construction and/or overloading but I would be more apt if a bunch of people claimed problems.

My issue with this is a ton of people have same themselves when the garbage undersized leaf springs have broken on the road and this prevented the trailer’s tires from rubbing on the frame when the spring broke.

Finally Brinkley clearly endorses SumoSprings they have them installed OEM on the Model G’s as the first OEM to have a partnership with them

YouTuberers are great but are a small slice of the overall community.

This :point_up_2:

Anyone notice this is just Grand Design and only one person I follow says the manufacture will not warranty their frame. Does that mean that they won’t warranty the frame if you put the Morryde IS on or anything else? Don’t forget we are covered by the Magnuson Morrison Warranty Act – they can’t deny coverage under warranty simply because you did a modification. The burden of responsibility is on the manufacture to prove the design failed because of the modification you made.

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Another GD frame cracked and posted the video on YouTube about this. They show the sumo’s having caused a frame crack right above them and bending the frame.