Suspension components Morryde or Lippert?

Perspective owner here, looking at a G 3500. When I was at a show last spring they had a Z 3100 and the factory rep guy said the they did some testing and the Morryde CRE3000 was not as good as the Lippert Road Armor was much better because it provided shock on both compression and rebound.

Wondering why do I see the Model G’s all with Morryde CRE3000 and not the Road Armor if it is so much better?

I don’t know but is’t one of the owners formally or some association to Lippert? I personally have found Lippert products to all be just enough but never stellar quality. However saying that been reports or Morryde SRE4000 and CRE3000 both don’t do anything to reduce the shock in both directions and some units are twisting. I had read somewhere that the new AllTrek 4000 is designed to replace that.

Here is a link, I have considered getting it because it does like the Lippert one does and provides shock relief in both directions:

Hi there,

Just took delivery of my z3610 - previous was a 2018 GD Solitude 377 (same floor plan). I upgraded my Solitude after one year to the MorRyde Independent Suspension and disc brakes. They offer it as a combo and I recommend. At the time I remember how dramatic of a change it was in braking and ride quality. Having traveled about 70k miles over the past 6 years in my GD - I can say with experience the system is incredible. NO failures, no worries, no maintenance, and the stopping power and ride quality is incredible. When I ordered my 3610 a couple of months ago, I called MorRyde right away to get on the schedule for April ‘24. If it’s in your budget, don’t mess around. Get the MorRyde IS and never think or worry about it again. Side note - as I left the dealership with my new z3610 and got on the highway, the driver side cargo bay door flew open (I-96 for you familiar Michigan people) traffic was horrible, but i found a “safe” turn out. BUT, I wasn’t in my GD anymore with disc brakes and I barely stopped in time before running into the grass. This would have never happened in the GD with MorRyde so it was just another affirmation that getting the upgrade on the new unit is the right call. Hope this helps. All the best!

So you are getting the Morryde IS? How much is it and how does that work do you work directly with the factory to ship it over or what? How about your frames warranty once it is installed?

I still don’t understand why the G comes with Morryde and the Z comes with LCI.

Yes, I have an appointment in April '24 to get the MorRyde IS and disc brake system installed on my new Brinkley. I took delivery of it last week from the dealership and I will drive it down to MorRyde in April. It’s a relatively quick trip for me so I don’t mind. Some dealers will help coordinate getting the unit from the factory to MorRyde, but I wanted to get eyes on it first so I did not pursue that route. Many manufacturers work with MorRyde already so they are familiar with the upgrade and upfitting. It’s my understanding that it does not affect the warranty. As an example - I had a frame failure with my GD causing the factory to rebuild and I already had the upgrade installed on my unit. I think it’s a non issue. This pricing is from my most recent email to schedule an appointment.

Tandem 7K IS
Tandem 8K IS
Triple 7K IS
Triple 8K IS

Tandem 7K IS and Disc Brakes
Tandem 8K IS and Disc Brakes
Triple 7K IS and Disc Brakes
Triple 8K IS and Disc Brakes

Tandem Disc Brake
Triple Disc Brake

@sdwk how did the independent suspension hold up long term? Can you give a review? I understand that the rubber lasts a long time but it is a wear part that eventually would need to be replaced?

How did the finish hold up, rust etc? Did they cut the underbelly? Did you have grease or oil bearing?

I wonder if the guy was actually a tech guy from Brinkley? The head guy has stated they have tested their current setup on the G (CRE300 + SumoSprings) against the MorRyde IS with favorable results on their current setup.

I ran that combo on my Momentum (I pickup my G next week) and was a very positive change. Never had anything bounce off inside and a very smooth ride from the truck side. Add the Gen-Y and a solid combo.

I have had the system inspected once to check the rubber and alignment and all was well. Like I’ve mentioned, it’s maintenance free. There are no bearings to repack/grease, no bolts to lube, no springs to check, no shocks to leak. They do cut out the underbelly for fitment, but seal it up tight with gray spray foam. There is no rust or any other visible adversity/deterioration that I have discovered. I had it installed on my 2018 GD, and am having it installed again on my new 2024 Brinkley meaning I am completely happy and would not go without it. It offers a safer, more reliable experience, with a substantial ride and stopping distance improvement. The brake recall alone on the Lippert axles……no thank you.

@sdwk did they say if they are going to put on the new bolt on version or is it welded?

Are you going with oil bath hubs?

I am not aware of a bolt on version. I am only aware of their standard welded install which is what I had done before and what will be done during this new install as well. I am not familiar with an oil bath hub. My experience before with my install and my interaction with MorRyde during the scheduling of the new install is that there are no options other than 7k or 8k rated axles.

Here is the Morryde IS bolt on version:

My understand is Morryde gives you the option to upgrade to oil bath if you do the disc brake conversion. So going forward you just need to keep the oil topped off like they would in a tractor trailer. So no more repacking bearings. Simply drain the oil and replace it. In the guide the very first picture is a version of the disc with it.

Just asking because I am considering oil bath.