The install of the screens

With the screens the little white tab seems to be on the outside is that normal, because I would’ve thought the white tabs would’ve been on the screens to pull them inwards. Also, there is one screen that was missing a clip and how do you if anybody can explain put these screens back in, thank you

Mine are on the outside, I have not taken them out so I am honestly not sure yet on how to reinstall. Now that you said this it makes sense that it at first glance seems backwards.

I now understand why that tab is on the outside, it’s because you need to pull the bottom out using the tab and then the screens come out and you have to place them in in a certain way you pull the blinds down and then you put the top and then you push the blinds up And push the bottom in and that seems to work, and there should be four clips that hold into the lip of the frame.