Thermostat capabilities

Wondering why the Thermostat is not Wifi ? Would be nice to monitor when not at camp, especially with animals. Suggestions on mod? Also, we pick up our 3500 on Monday the 26th of Feb. Our first Fifth wheel.

Have you looked into the Micro-Air EasyTouch?

I bought three of these myself, 3x for the AC’s and one for the dedicated heater control in a Model Z. They are pretty amazing, I use them all the time when away to monitor temperature for the dog. Made by a small company in NJ, they are the same folks who really kicked off the use of soft start’s in the marine/rv application with the EasyStart.

The thermostat is part of the OneControl system. Unfortunately the OneControl version in the G’s cannot connect to the LCI cloud (my previous Momentum could from anywhere as long as the Mo was connected to the inet). You can however build a “slave” device (tablet, etc) that you could get at over the internet.

:man_facepalming: duh my bad, I forgot they were different

Thanks for responding, i will look into that.

Not yet but i will soon. thanks