Thoughts on Gen Y

New here - new 3500G owners as of yesterday. Previously owned an 310GK Solitude with a Reese Air Ride pin box that had a very smooth ride.

Our new 3500G came with Gen Y executive king pin- the drive home was a little bit stiff. I know the GenY website states 1000mile break-in period.

My question is- does the ride improve after a little more weight and more miles?

You need to drive 1000+ miles before it start to soften up. The Gen-Y website calls this out but most people are not aware:

Not sure what the lifespan of the rubber is but you can add the lifetime warranty for $100. They have been excellent about helping customers regardless of the issues but something to consider.

Thanks! I did see that in the GenY website. The ride yesterday was somewhat improved with some added weight.

It definitely will get better between 500-1,000mi. I put one on my Momentum and definitely got much better after the first 500mi. It is an excellent hitch IMO, and the Gen-Y customer service is excellent as well. The torsion bars do as advertized. We just picked up our G3500… so will need to put some miles on when we get back to use mode in March.

Good to hear! Thanks!

Once the break-in of 1000+ miles, is there another break-in that is needed after a month of non-towing? 2-months? 6-months?

The break-in period is to prevent some people from complaining too quickly. From the moment the GenY equipped rig comes off the lot it is really smooth. It’s just the rubber getting a bit softer.

I couldn’t tell the difference in mine. Drastic from a rigid pin box but GenY rode great on day one.

I have a Gen-Y Executive 5th wheel kingpin if someone is interested. I went with the gooseneck adapter. New units are about $1300, selling mine for $500. Even with freight, this could be a deal. Pickup in Las Cruces NM.