Towing a Z2900 with f350 7.3 Godzilla how does it feel

Is anyone towing a Z2900 with a f350 longbed Godzilla, how does it ride?

I have a diesel but I meet with a Brinkley 3100 owner over the winter and he had a 2500 short bed with a Godzilla 7.3 and said it towed amazing and would do it again.

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I almost went with the Godzilla, my only concern was pulling in to get fuel on travel days.

With that being said if you plan well you can use satellite images in your favorite map app to figure out the best way in or out of a station with gas pump and it probably does not matter as much as I would have though.

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I was hesitant to go diesel but I will say that I am sure glad I did – it makes it so much easier going in and out of stations that we can use truck lanes. The key has been getting a fleet card but even with that you really need to pay attention. I have many times found cheaper rates through GasBuddy than with any of the fleet discount programs.

I bet that 7.3 is going to be just fine if that is what you really want. It’s a wicked old engine design really bulletproof and may even save you the hassle of diesel. You don’t see many push rod V8’s coming out anymore.

Tons of folks indicate that the Godzilla was really over engineered and could do much more then what it is doing now. For that reason combined with a 1 ton truck. You will be fine.

I’ve got a 2022 F-350 Godzilla with 4.30 gears, and towing a Z-3100.
It tows it really well, I’ve done one trip up into the mountains of North Georgia, and it stayed at the speed limit or above with no problem. It stayed at lower RPMs than I thought it would. It pulls really hard in the 2500-3000rpm range.
I’m heading up to North Alabama tomorrow and there will be more climbs with 55-60mph speed limits. I’ll try to update this weekend.
So far I have absolutely no regrets with the 7.3.


Thanks for the info, can’t wait to get towing myself!

2024 Z2900
2024 F350 7.3

I went up two 7% grades this weekend, one was about a mile long, and the other about a half mile.
It help the speed limit of 60mph with not problem.
On one of them I was stopped at a traffic light at the base, and it accelerated up to 60mph and upshifted when I got up to 60.
I think the 7.3 is perfect for this size camper.

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