TPMS Sensor System

Another nice standard feature of the Brinkley Z (and G) is the TPMS sensors banded to each wheel. I recently saw the TST system in a Z2900, but also the Tire Linc System.
Was there a full cutover to TST or is there a mix out in the wild?
Which TPMS system is installed/came with your unit?

  • Tire Linc
  • TST
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They switched to TST a while ago, not sure exactly when, but it has been awhile.

My 3950 is coming with the TST so i will buy 6 more banded sensors for the truck to use it all in one system

I am removing my TST to use the trucks factory TPMS. Going to sell it if anyone is interested. The controller has never been opened.

Chazz have you tried to use the Truck OEM sensors yet?

my z3100 bought in october 2023 (24 model) has tst. I already had a TST from the past so now i have two - been happy with how they work