True Toppers for slides…game changer!

True Toppers for slide outs…game changer! We just had True Toppers installed on our Z2900 and we’re just amazed I don’t see more of these as a factory option. Check out the 1st Brinkley with True Toppers with more Brinkley installs on their schedule. Check out their website or visit them at any of the RV shows they attend. We met the owners and brought our Brinkley to their beautiful location in Eugene OR. They have 50amp and water on site available. Entire process took only a day and a half! Can’t say enough about their quality product and hospitality! Check out their website for information and videos.

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Can you post more photos ?

I see how they work on seemless slides but not flange slides.

They remove the flange so it’s level with the true toppers. I tried to upload a video but it wouldn’t allow the file. I can try posting more pics as soon as the weather clears.

There’s actually a great video on their website from the YouTube channel “Irene Iron Travels” that brought in their new Alliance Paradigm 5th wheel. It shows the process and at the end he gives his 3 month review.

I really want this but they need to have a installer on the east cost.

Their website shows their current certified installers.

They currently have six installers around the US and when we were visiting with the owners, they stated they had more they would be bringing on. For the east coast currently I saw Pennsylvania and Florida.

They need one in Arizona

Says Phoebe, we sent a quote request for this after seeing your post. Am waiting their response. In your pics, the white matches pretty well. Did you take the white as is from them, or did you have yours painted a brighter white to match your gelcoat?

Oops, hit send too soon. We paid our selling dealer to add 3 traditional toppers prior to delivery. We install toppers on everything we have owned. On these, we lost two of the fabrics to tearing in the first two weeks! One with the slide retracted and driving 60 mph down the I 25 in Colorado. Had to cut what was left of the fabric from the awning rail before it became a traffic hazard. Thank God for bungee cords. Second one failed while slide was extended in Acoma, New Mexico, during a high wind event. More bungees to the rescue. Since we already have to fix something, might as well try these and be done with it. I had never heard of these; thanks for your post.

Dave & Darren,

Wow! I’ve heard some horror stories on fabric slide toppers before but yours was pretty crazy!

We received the paint code from Brinkley, RAL0827 Fiji White for our Z2900. True Toppers also took a door to confirm color match.

For anyone else looking at True Toppers, this post by FoxRVTravel is a must read!

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What does Brinkley RV Manufacturing say about cutting the top flange off the slides? On the big slides it is a pivot point when the slides closes. It toiches first as the box toiches the walls.

I first learned of them from Irene Iron Travels on YouTube. I immediately jumped on their mailing list. Yesterday I got email listing all their installers. And there’s one in Pennsylvania and one in Florida, in addition to other places like Colorado, Texas and Mississippi.