TV won't pair with Bluetooth speakers

When following the directions in the video our rig number does not show up when paring speakers to TV. All I get is a DBT100V2 which is listed as headphones. I can pair to but it doesn’t help as I don’t have headphones I need the speakers to be visible. I’d there a way to change the search options to speakers?

When we search Bluetooth devices on our Z 3100, we see 2 DBT100V2. One connects to the indoor speakers and the other to the outdoor speakers. No headphones. Make sure the amplifier is on and your volume is turned up enough to hear it. Good Luck !

The bluetooth speakers can be connected only with one item at a time. So if your speakers are connected to your phone, they won’t work on tv. Also you can change de name DBT100V2 by another name when connected to your phone or tablette simply by click on the bluetooth name (DBT100V2) to see the setting and you can change the name there. I did it by open one speaker set at a time (inside and outside) and change de name by Brinkley inside speaker and Brinkley outside speaker. Hope it help you.