TVs connected? Pantry shelf size?

We have our 2900 ordered. Get it first of June and am so excited. 2 really minor questions for now. Can you watch the same show from dvd/Blu-ray on both tvs or would I need to get a player for both rooms.

The other question…could someone give me the depth of the shelves in the pantry. I want to get baskets or organizers to keep stuff f from bouncing everywhere and can’t find the info anywhere and dealership is too far away to get it myself. Appears to be less then a foot but pics can be deceiving, don’t ya know.

Pantry shelf depth 11.25”.

As far as your TV question. The Tv’s are indendent from each other. Both are smart tv’s with Amazon Fire. You can add a DVD on either.

Thank you. Now I can keep an eye out for baskets.

Thank you. Was hoping we could continue to use the one blue ray player we have but I guess it will be easier to purchase a new one Bluetooth and/or wifiable.